12-Hour ADI (Advanced Driver Improvement)

Drivers who have had their license suspended under the point system must enroll in this course to reinstate their driver's license. Or, you may have been ordered by a judge to take this course. As with all of our programs, this DHSMV-authorized course offers students accurate and reliable information and the best customer service and support in the industry. We'll help you to get back on the road to driving safely!

Internet or Classroom

12-Hour ADI classroom courses are staffed by helpful, knowledgeable instructors who are trained to guide you through the course and to make your time in class informative and valuable. Interesting videos, colorful charts and illustrations, and classroom discussions will all help you to understand the material being presented so you'll be safer on the road.

The 12-Hour ADI Internet course is broken down into easy-to-comprehend chapters. Each section is written so that you can understand the information and progress through the course with minimal effort. Our support staff are available to help you with any questions.

The cost of either course is just $62.95.


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