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You're going to love our new Mature Driver Internet course! The course is captivating, informational, and loaded with dynamic color pictures and graphics. You can take the course at your own pace — finish it all at once, or do a few easy-to-read sections a day. Best of all, it's designed to be entertaining, so you'll laugh while you learn! You take your final exam right on the computer, and it's graded immediately. Your completion certificate is mailed out within 1 business day, with expedited shipping options available. You'll be done in no time!

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  • I understand that I will be administered a 40-question final exam, and that I will need to correctly answer at least 80% (32) of those questions in order to receive a course completion certificate. I also understand that if I fail to pass the Final Exam I will need to re-take the course at no additional cost.
  • I understand that, at the end of each chapter, I must complete a short, timed quiz composed of an identity validation and questions about specific events that happened in the course. Answering these questions incorrectly will result in discontinuation of the course.
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